Cellarscape is Paul's solo project, combining vocals, strings, synths, guitars, beats, and drums.


His six Cellarscape records to date include: Exo Echofeaturing Failsafe (the theme song for SYFY's podcast docu-series Behind The Panel) and Chem Trails (the main theme for documentary So Much Damage: How Image Comics Changed The World), and The Act Of Letting Go (nominated for Best Eclectic Album at the 2015 Independent Music Awards), both mixed and mastered by Dave Draper.

The Act Of Letting Go features guest lead vocals from acclaimed Dutch singer-songwriter Anneke van Giersbergen (Vuur, Devin Townsend, The Gathering) on the song "The Same Place." The music video for the song 'Epinephrine' (written and directed by Paul) was officially selected for SXSW 2016.

“Each song plays like a mini-soundtrack. One listen may just inspire you to write that screenplay you’ve been dreaming of.”

(The Ripple Effect, USA)

“Like something between Beck and Porcupine Tree, a brave clash of styles that will attract
fans of progressive rock and the avant garde end of pop. Taps into that truly eccentric
strain of alternative rock that seems woefully lacking these days.”

(Intravenous Magazine, UK)



Albums & EPs:
Exo Echo (2017)
– Includes cover art by Eisner Award winner Jacob Phillips
– 2017 Earie Award Winner "...for their unique sound and commitment to moving pop and indie sensibilities forward."

The Act Of Letting Go (2014)
– 2015 Independent Music Award Nominee for Best Eclectic Album
– 2016 SXSW Official Selection: "Epinephrine" music video

A Theta/Delta Union (2011)
– Includes "Snowglobe" (music video by award-winning illustrator Mike Ciccotello)

Animation, Suspension (2009)
– Includes "You Got The Girl" (music video starring Victoria Broom and Daniel Carter-Hope)

Fifth Phoenix EP (2007)

Copilot EP (2006)


Cygnus (2019)
Esc_Apology (2018)
Chem Trails (2018)
Failsafe (2017)
Keepsake (2016)
Circa 39 (2014)
The Same Place (feat. Anneke van Giersbergen) (2014)
Epinephrine (2014)
Snowglobe (2013)
This Is A Shelter (2012)
You Got The Girl (2009)


Paul's scores include the 13-time award-winning feature documentary Sidney & Friends (directed by Tristan Aitchison). The original score features the vocals of celebrated artists Silas Miami and Lana Crowster and was nominated for Best Score at the 2019 Independent Music Awards. Sidney & Friends has been screened more than 80 times in 28 countries.


Paul's other scores include SYFY's podcast docu-series Behind The Panel, documentary So Much Damage: How Image Comics Changed The World, drama Emily (starring Felicity Jones and Christopher Eccleston), and the award-winning chiller Care

Paul's composing style ranges from traditional orchestrations and minimalist piano, through to soundscapes made from homemade samples, synth-wave, metal, rock, jazz, pop, and breakbeat. To date, he has produced more than 25 albums.

Original Soundtrack Discography:
Behind The Panel: Season One Profiles (Oct 2020)
Behind The Panel: Batman At 80 (Sep 2020)

Spring Clean: Season One (Sep 2020)

This Is My Family (2020)

Behind The Panel: The Story Of Vertigo Comics (2020)

Through The Looking Glass: A LOST Retrospective (2019)

Frank & Mary (2019)
Sidney & Friends (2018)
So Much Damage: How Image Comics Changed The World (2017)
Stuart MacDonald's The Unintentional Magician 
The Earth From The Air (2017
Sleep Tight (2017)
Care (2014)
Emily (2013)* 
King Of Hearts (2012)*

The Deaths Of Grace Miller (2011)
Red Light (2011)
The Furred Man (2010)
The Wake (2006)
Staying In (2004)
Paradox (2003)
Mightier (2001)
Sold (1999)

*(co-composed with James Bellamy)


Director: Tristan Aitchison
Composer: Paul Terry

Executive Producers: Paul Terry, Amanda Millen


Director: Caroline Harvey
Composers: James Bellamy & Paul Terry

Producers: Felicity Jones, Nick Hatton, Jack Sidey

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