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Nestle Into My Nook (2023) – comedy web-series (composer)
Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection (2022) – feature documentary (composer)
Detonation Days (2022) – Love Amongst Ruin's song (featured artist)  
The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (2022-present) – podcast (mixer)
Hidden Valley Place (2021) – short thriller (composer, associate producer)
The Endless Hourglass (2021) – short drama (composer)
X-Files Diaries
(2021-present) – podcast (theme song composer)
Spring Clean (2020) – comedy series (composer)

Remain Calm (2020– music video (writer, producer, co-songwriter)
Switching Genres (2020) – short thriller (composer)

Behind The Panel (2019-20) – docu-series (producer, composer, editor)
Project Blue Book: The Official Podcast 
(2019-20) – podcast (producer, editor)

Through The Looking Glass (2019) – audio docu-series (producer, composer, editor)

Serenity (2019– feature film (vocalist)

Frank & Mary (2019– short horror drama (composer)

Colony: The Official Podcast (2017-18) – podcast (producer, editor)

Sidney & Friends (2018) – feature documentary (executive producer, composer)
So Much Damage: How Image Comics Changed The World (2017) – docu-series (composer)

Stuart MacDonald's The Unintentional Magician (2017) – stage production (composer)
The Earth From The Air 
(2017) – radio play / stage production (composer)
Sleep Tight (2017) – short horror (composer)

Keepsake (2016– music video (co-writer/producer/director with Des Taylor (songwriter)

Care (2014) – short chiller (composer, sound designer)
Circa 39 (2014– music video (songwriter)

The Same Place (2014) – music video (writer, producer, director, songwriter)

A Long Way Down (2014– feature film (drummer: additional music)
Epinephrine (2014) – music video (writer, producer, director, songwriter)

Emily (2013) – short drama (co-composer, co-sound designer with James Bellamy)
Snowglobe (2013) – music video (songwriter)

Skyfall (2012) – feature film (music editor assistant to MPSE award winner Tony Lewis)
Gambit (2012) – feature film (music editor assistant to MPSE award winner James Bellamy)
Cockneys vs. Zombies (2012) – feature film (temp score music editor assistant)
King Of Hearts (2012) – short thriller (co-composer with James Bellamy)

The Deaths Of Grace Miller (2011) – short comedy drama (composer)
Red Light (2011) – short horror comedy (producer, composer)
The Furred Man (2010) – short horror comedy (producer, composer)
The Empire Film Awards (2009) – live show (contributing songwriter: 'Gran Death Bingo')
You Got The Girl (2009) – music video (writer, producer, songwriter)

Fictional Frontiers (2009-present) – radio show (theme song composer)
LOST: The Complete Third Season (2007)
– Blu-ray (panelist)
The Wake (2006) – feature film (producer, composer)

The LOST Initiative (2005-2010) – TV series (co-host)
Staying In (2004) short thriller (producer, composer)
Channel 4: The Simpsons' 300th Episode Celebration
 (2003) – TV Special (guest)

Paradox (2003) short horror comedy (producer, composer)
Mightier (2001) – short comedy (composer)
Sold (1999) – short thriller (composer)


Director: Tristan Aitchison
Composer: Paul Terry

Executive Producers: Paul Terry, Amanda Millen


Director: Caroline Harvey
Composers: James Bellamy & Paul Terry

Producers: Felicity Jones, Nick Hatton, Jack Sidey


Director: Bartley Taylor
Co-writers/EPs: Julia Cooperman & Bartley Taylor

Composer/Associate Producer: Paul Terry

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